Kosher certification

We have obtained Kosher accreditation, which allows us to supply products complying with Jewish Law. This increases our range of products that meet the specific needs of our customers. Please click here to view the certificate.

If you would like more information about Kosher products, contact us at [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact your usual DC Fine Chemicals sales representative.

Halal Certification

We have added Halal accreditation as part of our program of obtaining certification for the full range of quality standards. This allows us to supply Halal products, according to Islamic Law, for consumption by observant Muslims. Please click here to view the certificate.

If you want more information about Halal products, contact us at [email protected]. Alternatively please contact your usual sales representative directly.

New Food Certification

As part of its commitment to quality and continuous improvement, DC Fine Chemicals has hosted an audit by the Catalan Public Health Agency. The audit was successful and the company has been found to comply with current legislation so is qualified for the packing and handling of ingredients for food production. Please click here to view the certificate.

If you have any requirements for raw materials for the food industry, please e-mail your requests to [email protected].

Available from stock

Now in stock:

- 120052, Magnesium D-gluconate hydrate, Ph.Eur. (CAS Nº: 3632-91-5)

- 121010, Calcium hypophosphite (CAS Nº: 7789-79-9)

Uses: pharmaceutical & veterinary sector.

Note on COVID-19: Operations without major disruptions

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization classified the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Governments worldwide have imposed various measures to attempt to halt or slow the spread of the disease.

We are pleased to report that currently no cases have been detected in our company and all our staff are well. Following issued guidelines and with a view to reducing risk, DC Fine Chemicals has implemented an internal action protocol to allow us to remain open as follows:

  • Staff, where possible, will work remotely from home. Where staff must attend our facility to work, we have created two teams that will work in shifts with minimal contact between people in different shifts.
  • Business trips and meetings with external partners, either at their facility or ours, have been suspended until further notice.
  • Collections and/or deliveries will be made in the warehouse and will no longer be accepted to our offices. Our employees have instructions to maintain recommended hygiene standards including maintaining a reasonable distance from transport staff, to guarantee the safety of all parties.

These measures will be reviewed and updated as necessary and in accordance with official recommendations.

We will continue to do everything possible to guarantee a continuous and efficient service. Please do let us know how we can help and keep us advised of your changing circumstances.

Welcome to our new colleague

We are pleased to welcome Santi Garcia to our sales team. To help manage our growing customer base, Santi will take responsibility for key European accounts. Santi has 15 years sales experience, most recently in a Custom Manufacturing Organisation for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary industry. He studied Chemistry at The University of Barcelona and followed with a Masters Degree in Marketing & Commercial Management.

DC Fine Chemicals obtains GDP accreditation

As part of our drive for continuous improvement and with a focus on quality DC Fine Chemicals has hosted an audit by the Spanish Medicines Agency which found the company in compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Please click here to view the certificate. GDP allows the company to supply Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for use as raw materials for the production of medicinal products for human use. If you have requirements for APIs or excipients, please email your requests to [email protected].

DC Fine Chemicals acquires the business of John D Bolton

After manufacturing and supplying analytical reagents, indicators and biological stains for more than 50 years John D Bolton has retired and the business has been acquired by DC Fine Chemicals. “In addition to other laboratory reagents, John’s business has been a particularly strong supplier of biological stains and indicators, for example Hematoxylin and his trademarked iodine indicator, Vitex. This acquisition will give us an opportunity to begin manufacturing some products as well as expanding our customer base.”, said Lenny Loeb, Managing Director of DC Fine Chemicals. “The business and its ethos of quality align closely with that of DC’s so we expect the integration of the business to be seamless. We already offer most of the range supplied by John D Bolton.”

John Bolton, sole principal of John D Bolton, said “We were looking for a company to take over our business and continue providing excellent customer service to our customers. We are confident about transferring the business to a stable and well managed company like DC Fine Chemicals.”

Presentation on Excipients

DC Fine Chemicals directors Josep Cortes and Juli Orihuela presented a seminar for a pharmaceutical group of companies. More than 60 people from 12 group companies attended the event. The subject of the presentation was risk management for Pharmaceutical Excipients. This comprised a brief overview of ICH Q9 “Quality Risk Management” and a more detailed review of the Guidelines of 19 March 2015 on the formalised risk assessment for ascertaining the appropriate good manufacturing practice for excipients of medicinal products for human use (2015/C 95/02). Real examples from industry were included within the presentation. A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Milk for Syrian Refugees

Contributing to One Drop Two Lives, a scheme that donates milk for Syrian refugees, DC Fine Chemicals bought its employees lactose intolerance test kits. For every kit purchased 40 glasses of milk are donated with the dual benefit of providing nutrition to Syrian refugees and helping our employees to identify if they are lactose intolerant.