• DC Fine Chemicals, with an investment of 7 million euros in its new headquarters, forecasts a 20% increase in job creation, reaffirming its international presence and commitment.
  • The new DC Fine Chemicals center stands out for tripling the previous space and increasing storage and palletizing capacity, while also reinforcing its commitment to sustainability through the implementation of photovoltaic panels and green areas.
  • The event was attended by notable figures such as the Mayor of Terrassa, the Director General of Industry of the Generalitat of Catalonia, prominent entities such as CECOT, the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa, FEDEQUIM, and the Higher School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT).


Barcelona, Spain – DC Fine Chemicals, an international provider in the supply of fine chemical products for the areas of Diagnosis, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Process Solutions, has celebrated the laying of the first stone at its new headquarters in Terrassa. The event was attended by the Mayor of Terrassa, the Director General of Industry of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and prominent entities such as CECOT, the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa, FEDEQUIM, and the Higher School of Industrial, Aerospace, and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT).

In addition to its headquarters in the UK, DC Fine Chemicals is expanding its operations to a 7300 m² site in Terrassa, tripling the space of its former facilities. The new building, measuring 3050 m², allows for total storage without the need for external warehouses and a palletizing capacity of up to 1900 pallets, compared to the 900 pallets of its old warehouse.

With a diverse catalog that includes bile acids, nucleic acids, amino acids, antimicrobials, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), carbohydrates, dyes and indicators, enzymes, excipients, analytical reagents, and biological buffers, DC Fine Chemicals is able to provide tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs of its clients. Its commitment to quality and innovation has been accredited with ISO 9001 certifications since 2011, GDP since 2018, and ISO 14001 since 2021. The company’s new facilities constitute the perfect space to foster the development of new projects and accelerate the company’s expansion.




Josep Mª Cortés, General Manager of DC Fine Chemicals, said, “This significant project, backed by an investment of 7 million euros, not only expands our production and storage capacities but also strengthens our ongoing growth objective.” He concluded, “This future plant, which in its first phase will triple our current capacity, will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the storage and handling of various types of chemical substances”.

On the other hand, during the symbolic act of laying the first stone, Juli Orihuela, Director of Business Development, stated: “We have started the crucial stage of the plant construction. With this expansion, we anticipate a 20% growth in job creation.”


Advances in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

The new facilities, with a height of 14.5 m and 7 palletizing levels, represent a significant improvement in terms of safety and efficiency. Additionally, the site has 46 parking spaces and between 2 and 4 charging points for electric vehicles.

The new center also presents significant advances in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. The facilities are equipped with 108 photovoltaic panels of 2 x 1 m, capable of generating 50 kW, emphasizing the company’s commitment to clean energy and reducing environmental impact. The design of the headquarters also incorporated green areas to complement its commitment to the environment.

In line with these values, DC Fine Chemicals was recently recognized for its commitment to the planet by voluntarily joining the ‘Voluntary Agreements Program for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)’, promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia.


Official Act for the Laying of the First Stone of the New Headquarters

This morning, the official act of laying the first stone took place, which was presided over by the Mayor of Terrassa, Jordi Ballart and Pastor, and attended by representatives from various economic entities and business organizations.

Jordi Ballart i Pastor, Mayor of Terrassa, expressed his support for the expansion of DC Fine Chemicals in the city: “With the arrival of DC Fine Chemicals, Terrassa reinforces its role in the region as an industrial powerhouse of the country, attracting companies with growth perspectives. We are located in an exceptional location, connected by the main communication routes of the region, and have a strong and powerful business fabric, as well as industrial land to continue enhancing synergies, consolidating existing value chains and attracting new investments that can offer job opportunities for the people of Terrassa.”


For his part, Oriol Alcoba, Director General of Industry, said: “The decision of DC Fine Chemicals to expand in Terrassa is a tangible demonstration of the vitality and ability to attract new projects of our chemical industry. This milestone represents a perfect combination of entrepreneurship, innovation, and respect for sustainability, aspects that are fundamental for the industrial development of Catalonia.”

Joan Roget, President of the Catalan Chemical Industry Business Federation (FEDEQUIM), congratulated DC Fine Chemicals on their achievement: “We welcome a “different kind of Chemistry.” In Vallès, there’s a new heavyweight player with strong foundations in Science and People Relations. This will undoubtedly help strengthen the entire chemical and health sciences “cluster” (if we can call it that) in our environment. Friends Josep Maria, Juli, and Lenny, knowing you, I am sure you will achieve the greatest successes in this new phase that begins now!”


Xavier Panés, president of the Cecot employer’s association, spoke about the need to increase the weight of the industrial sector in our economic model: “Beyond recent statements at the European level in favor of strategic sovereignty and the reindustrialization that Europe needs, at Cecot we have always argued that industrial companies bring innovation and research as the foundation of economic productivity, more balanced trade balances, higher-qualified jobs, and ultimately contribute to greater well-being and social cohesion in the territory where they operate. Thus, the decision of DC Fine Chemicals to expand with a new headquarters aligns completely with this purpose we share, and I also want to highlight that they are doing so in one of the most industrialized regions of southern Europe, Vallès. Without a doubt, through networking, we hope to contribute to their growth and improve their competitiveness”.


Nacho Navarro, Second Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa said, “The recovery of industrial weight in Terrassa is a strategic and structural necessity that should guide the efforts of all the socio-economic institutions of the city in the shortest term, and the Chamber offers all its business and relational capabilities to contribute to this.”

As part of the symbolic ceremony of the first stone, the act consisted of burying a chest that contained letters written by the partners, messages from employees, an erlenmeyer flask representing fine chemistry, a document recounting this day signed by the partners and entities, plans of the warehouse, the Terrassa Diary, and current coins.