DC Fine Chemicals has committed to the Diversity Charter

This initiative promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace

In its commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities, DC Fine Chemicals signed up to the Diversity Charter. This European Commission initiative seeks to promote diversity as a key element in achieving inclusive work environments and promoting social progress.

“We agree completely with the principles of inclusion and diversity so are very pleased to have received the Foundation for Diversity accreditation,” said Juli Orihuela, the company’s Director of People.

The announcement has been enthusiastically received by the entire team and the company is determined to promote these principles not only in its immediate environment, but among all its stakeholders.

The commitment to these values ​​is clearly reflected in the DC Fine Chemicals team. With a workforce of 26 employees from 5 nationalities, the company has the same number of women as men and a good representation of all working ages: from young people, taking their first steps in the world of work, to colleagues close to retirement age.