When discussing sodium azide, we are referring to one of the most prominent compounds in fine chemistry, especially in the field of diagnostic applications and reagents. 

At DC Fine Chemicals, providers of fine chemicals, we have expertise in sodium azide, which is currently one of the flagship products in our catalog. If you’re interested in learning more about this product and its applications, here are some key points of interest.


Sodium azide (CAS 26628-22-8) is a chemical compound that emerges as a significant element in the realm of fine chemistry, given its various utilities in different fields. 

Sodium azida - CAS 26628-22-8

Uses and applications

First and foremost, sodium azide is widely used in organic synthesis. It serves as a reducing agent in numerous chemical reactions. Among its particularities, its ability to release gaseous nitrogen stands out, making it a valuable element in the preparation of various organic compounds, such as primary alcohols and amines. Its role in organic synthesis is especially important in the manufacturing of chemicals and materials across multiple industries and disciplines: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the production of specialty chemicals.

In the pharmaceutical industry, sodium azide plays an important role in the synthesis of various pharmaceutical products, being employed in the manufacturing of antibiotics and other chemicals used in the research and development of new drugs. Thus, its indispensable role in drug and advanced material design is reaffirmed, aimed at improving people’s quality of life. 


In terms of more specific characteristics, sodium azide is soluble in water, capable of dissolving various metals such as zinc or iron. It is also notable for its quite unpleasant odor and its colorless appearance.

Furthermore, we are dealing with a highly toxic, explosive, and volatile substance, requiring careful handling and strict safety protocols, whether in storage, transportation, or use. However, its ability to perform such interesting and diverse functions as mentioned above makes it essential when referring to the fine chemistry sector. 

As distributors of fine chemicals at DC Fine Chemicals, we can provide you with sodium azide in the usual formats: 100 grams, 1 kilo, 5 kilos, and 25 kilos, although we adapt in a personalized manner to best fit our client’s demand according to their needs. One of our pillars is our commitment to quality assurance, thus contributing to the advancement of science and technology globally.

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