Among our extensive range of fine chemical products lies sodium thioglycolate. While it finds various applications in the industrial sector, its significance in the realm of chemistry is notable.

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Applications and properties

Sodium thioglycolate (CAS 367-51-1) is a sodium salt of thioglycolic acid, appearing as a white or slightly yellowish powder, soluble in water and alcohol. Its unique chemical structure grants it stabilizing and reducing properties, rendering it truly valuable across many applications.

Its uses span personal care, cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical industry. Sodium thioglycolate plays a pivotal role in hair care products due to its regenerative capabilities. In the pharmaceutical industry, it serves as a stabilizing agent in drug formulation processes and as a key component in topical products for skin conditions.

In the textile industry, it acts as an agent aiding in the transfer of designs onto fabrics as prints, facilitating dye fixation and enhancing print quality. Additionally, it finds application in film development within the photography and cinematography sectors, owing to its reducing properties.

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