Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is a chemical compound that holds significant interest in the chemical industry due to its unique properties and versatile applications, enabling its involvement in a wide range of chemical reactions. 

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Properties, uses and applications

La hydroxylamine hydrochloride (CAS 5470-11-1) appears as a crystalline white solid, readily soluble in water, with a melting point around 150°C. It serves as a strong reducing agent and has the ability to react with various compounds, both organic and inorganic. 

Among its most relevant applications is the synthesis of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Its role as a reducing agent contributes to the manufacturing of products such as antioxidants, as well as antiviral and antibacterial medications. Notably, it also participates in the synthesis of drugs used in the treatment of tuberculosis, such as isoniazid. 

Furthermore, it is employed in research focused on protein synthesis and genetic code translation, simplifying the analysis of mechanisms within cells and organisms. 

Other applications include the dye and pigment industry, commonly found in dyes for inks, paper, textiles as a degreasing and bleaching agent, and in the development of black-and-white photographic films. 

Hazard indications and handling advice

To minimize potential harm, hydroxylamine hydrochloride is recommended exclusively for use in manufacturing, repackaging, processing, or laboratory settings. 

It possesses reactive, toxic, and corrosive properties on the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, necessitating utmost caution when handling. Therefore, proper protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles are essential. 

This compound has a limited shelf life, so it should be stored under appropriate conditions to maintain its purity and stability, in a corrosion-resistant container with an inner lining. 

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