What is hematoxylin and what is it used for? If you’re not familiar with hematoxylin and its applications for medical diagnosis or how it can assist you with your diagnostic kit, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in the following article. 

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Applications for medical diagnosis of hematoxylin

What kind of applications does hematoxylin have in the diagnostic kit? Hematoxylin (CAS 517-28-2) is an organic substance used for cytological staining. This staining allows cells to be visible under the microscope. Thanks to the staining, analysis and diagnosis of diseases are facilitated. 

It is due to its applications for medical diagnosis that hematoxylin is an essential substance among your diagnostic healthcare products. It is obtained naturally, as it comes from the bark of the Haematoxylum campechianum tree, mainly found in Central America. 

Its name, hematoxylin, has its origin in Greek, from haimatos (blood) and xylon (wood). Hematoxylin is one of the main substances used in the Papanicolaou cytological staining technique. This technique involves multichromatic cytological staining to be able to identify diseases and is mainly used in the detection of cervical cancer.

The dye of this substance is actually not hematoxylin, but hematein, which is obtained through the oxidation of this substance. If you are looking for a more effective diagnosis, we recommend including hematoxylin in your diagnostic kit. Hematoxylin is one of the fundamental diagnostic healthcare products that certainly should not be missing from your diagnostic kit. 

As we mentioned before, thanks to its applications for medical diagnosis, it can be very useful for detecting diseases or for the Papanicolaou staining technique. 

You should also consider the risks that this substance may pose during handling, as it could cause skin irritations, as well as eye irritations or even irritation of the respiratory tract. To avoid this, we recommend avoiding breathing in hematoxylin, as well as keeping it in a well-ventilated area and, of course, keeping the container tightly closed.

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