Ethylhydrocupreine is a chemical compound primarily used as an antimicrobial agent. It is highly effective in combating certain types of microorganisms such as fungi or bacteria.

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Properties and applications

Etillhidrocupreína (CAS 3413-58-9)

This compound possesses unique properties that make it ideal for various applications, notably in the preservation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products. It acquires inhibitory functionalities that prevent the uncontrolled growth of microorganisms. This helps extend the shelf life of these products, ensuring their quality and safety.

One of the advantages of ethylhydrocupreine (3413-58-9) is its effectiveness at low concentrations, meaning that only a small amount of the compound is needed to achieve significant results.

Ethylhydrocupreine has vasoconstrictive and hemostatic properties, translating into an agent capable of constricting blood vessels, which can help reduce inflammation and alleviate irritation. In this regard, its application in ophthalmic drops for ocular treatments and allergic reactions on the skin stands out.

In addition to its antimicrobial properties, ethylhydrocupreine also plays an important role in other fields, such as scientific research and the manufacturing of personal care and cleaning products.

It is important to note that, like any chemical product, proper precautions should be followed when handling and storing it. This includes the use of personal protective equipment and adherence to recommended safety guidelines, such as goggles or gloves.

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