The industries that deal with active pharmaceutical ingredients and their pharmaceutical applications must be aware of the new regulations regarding this type of components and substances, especially those that appear in the BOE (Official State Gazette). That is why at DC Fine Chemicals we always try to stay tuned to any updates. In several articles we have mentioned pharmaceutical APIs, but what are they? 

Throughout this article, as manufacturers of fine chemicals in Spain and the UK, we will talk about this type of substance and we will look at what aspects give it so much importance in modern medicine. But first, bear in mind that you can browse our extensive catalogue of chemical products and get your hands on the ones you need. 

What are APIs?

It is said that active pharmaceutical ingredients will change the world of medicine and are an essential factor for innovation, but… What are APIs? They are active pharmaceutical ingredients. In English it is ”Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient”, which results in the acronym API. According to the WHO, APIs are any substance used in pharmaceutical products. They are the main ingredients and the basis for the use and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medicines. 

For many, APIs are a fundamental element for the production of innovative medicines and treatments. Some of them already exist and are currently under development. The aim of the active pharmaceutical ingredient is to help the patient by treating or preventing a disease. 

Medicines are made up of two main ingredients: the API and the excipient. The main active ingredient APIs are the fundamental ingredient to make the medicine and the excipient is an inactive substance that helps to apply the medicine in the formulation. One of the main and most important functions of excipients is the stabilisation of the API active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as their preservation and maintenance under the right conditions. They prevent them from degrading and generating other potentially harmful and dangerous substances. 

In addition, the taste of active pharmaceutical ingredients is often unpleasant. With the help of excipients, it is possible to conceal it, providing a somewhat more palatable flavour for ingestion. Some API active ingredients do not work very well in solid form, so it is necessary to provide a more stable structure and to make them suitable for oral administration, e.g. in the form of a syrup. 

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