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We make an effort to understand your company in detail, to provide a better response for your specific needs. This avoids the need for additional suppliers, streamlining your procurement process, and enabling your R+D department to focus their energy on new product development.

A quick and efficient response

On receiving your initial request, an experienced specialist will quickly provide a solution and remain available throughout the project.

DC Fine Chemicals services


Products are labelled, packaged, and sent from our production and logistics centre in Barcelona, while strictly adhering to every legal requirement.

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Manufacturing and handling: Our team is amply qualified to handle all types of chemical products, including hazardous products. We can supply a wide range of package types (including OEM packaging).


An open catalogue: Our experience has enabled us to develop an extensive network of contacts, including suppliers from around the world, giving us access to over 10,000 substances, in addition to those available in our catalogue.


Specifications: Our dynamic structure enables us to adapt our specifications to our customers’ needs, using in-house quality control to ensure our products meet the requirements.


Difficult-to-find products: Our extensive supplier network provides the platform to quickly find very specific products, with specific requirements, which may be unavailable or no longer in demand.

In-house quality control

We have our own analytical lab, which tests virtually every product that we sell.

We carry out this analysis to ensure the parameters required for each product, as well as presenting a certificate for our analysis.


  • HPLC
  • IR
  • KF
  • Titration
  • UV
  • Polarimetry
  • Other equipment
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Comprehensive management system

  • A strategic plan that is constantly evaluated and tweaked to achieve the company’s objective.
  • Our CMS is evaluated at regular intervals.
  • Facilities managed under the highest occupational health and safety standards. Strict compliance with chemical regulations regarding safety, handling and storage to ensure a safe working environment.
  • The change management system evaluates every change that could potentially affect the production and quality of the end product. This system is only applied to certain product groups.
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