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A trusted partner

DC Fine Chemicals, as a chemical supplier and manufacturer, knows how specific our sector is and we are committed to understanding the complexity of each of the companies we work with, whether they are large, medium or small.

Through our involvement we aim to improve the specific needs of our partners, by helping them to avoid the need to add new suppliers and, therefore, a new unknown in the equation.

By doing so, we optimise the process of buying research chemicals, allowing the R&D department to focus all its energy on what really matters, the development of our formulas that will lead to great products.

A quick and efficient response

From the initial request, a professional will respond quickly to your request and will be at your disposal to give continuity to the project. At DC Fine Chemicals, we do our utmost to ensure that communication is as quick and fluid as possible, because we know that the chemical sector needs fast and flexible solutions.

Worldwide Shipping

DC Fine Chemicals services

Global Chemical Supplier and Manufacturer

As a chemical supplier and manufacturer, we know the importance of storing, labelling and packaging our extensive stock of chemicals. This is why, from our production and logistics centre in Barcelona, products are labelled, packed and shipped in strict compliance with legal regulations in the shortest possible time.

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Manufacturing and handling:

Our team is fully qualified to handle all types of chemicals, even the most hazardous. We are capable of supplying in a wide range of packaging (including OEM packaging). Whether you require small or large quantities of common, rare, or innovative compounds we are specialized in bespoke manufacturing, from laboratory scale to commercial production.


An open catalogue:

Our experience has enabled us to develop an extensive network of contacts. Thus, we have a wide network with hundreds of suppliers around the world that gives us access to more than 10,000 substances, in addition to those available in our catalogue. So, if you are looking for chemical products, DC Fine Chemicals can provide them for you.



Thanks to our dynamic structure we can adapt our specifications to the specific needs of our customers, guaranteeing through in-house quality control that the product meets the requirements. Because delivering an optimum product is an essential part of every order we deliver.


Difficult-to-find products:

Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to be quick in finding hard-to-find, very unique materials with specific requirements, unavailable or in discontinuous demand. So whatever your company's product needs are, DC Fine Chemicals can supply them.

In-house quality control

As a company dedicated to buying research chemicals and subsequent distribution, we would like to be sure of what we deliver to our customers in each of our shipments.

Therefore, with this analysis we can guarantee that our products meet the required parameters, thereby generating a certificate that we provide to all our customers. Thanks to our in-house quality control, we can ensure that we are a chemical supplier that meets the high demands of the market in the area of buying research chemicals. 

  • HPLC
  • IR
  • KF
  • Titration
  • UV
  • Polarimetry
  • Other equipment
More information

Comprehensive management system

- We have a strategic plan that is continuously evaluated and adjusted to achieve the objectives of the companies we are working with at any given time, whether they are large, medium or small.

- Periodic evaluations of our IMS management at prescribed intervals. This quality management has a mission to provide high quality fine chemicals for science and the chemical industry, together with a vision that is based on contributing to scientific knowledge and progress with our products and services.

- We have a facility managed in accordance with the highest standards of occupational health and safety. We closely follow chemical safety, handling and storage regulations to ensure a safe working environment, because we believe that every point counts in order to be a great company, not only for our employees, but also for our partners and customers.

- The change management system evaluates all changes that may affect the production and quality of the final product. It is worth mentioning that this system is only applied to certain product groups.

  • A strategic plan that is constantly evaluated and tweaked to achieve the company’s objective.
  • Our CMS is evaluated at regular intervals.
  • Facilities managed under the highest occupational health and safety standards. Strict compliance with chemical regulations regarding safety, handling and storage to ensure a safe working environment.
  • The change management system evaluates every change that could potentially affect the production and quality of the end product. This system is only applied to certain product groups.
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