Manufacturers and Suppliers of Fine Chemicals with facilities in Spain and the United Kingdom

We supply fine chemical products for scientific applications. We offer a wide range of products for customers wanting a reliable partner throughout the development and production process.


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Iso 9001

Cert. ISO 9001

Since 2011

GDP Certification

Cert. GDP

Since 2018

Iso 14001

Cert. ISO 14001

Since 2021



Bronze medal

Instituto Halal (ih)

Halal Institute

Since 2023

Kosher Certificate

Kosher Certificate

Since 2023

Four major business areas


Eosina Y amarillenta (17372-87-1)

Eosin Y: Essential in diagnosis and research

Eosin Y is a synthetic dye widely used in the fields of diagnostics…

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Esculina para microbiología

Esculin for microbiology

When we talk about esculin, we're referring to a natural glucoside…

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¿Qué es la trietanolamina y cuáles son sus usos?

What is triethanolamine and what are its uses?

Triethanolamine, also known as nitrilotriethanol or…

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