Supply of speciality chemicals

Fast, professional response

From initial enquiry, senior level decision makers will respond quickly to your requirements and be regularly available, for on-going continuity. This close co-operation will help us to understand the intricacies of your business and allow us to respond better to your precise requirements.

Hard to find products

Let your development chemists concentrate on the development of new products, not the search for raw materials. We can help you to optimize your purchasing process, especially for hard to source molecules. DC Fine Chemicals is particularly keen to assist with requirements for commercially unavailable or discontinued products. Our experience and outstanding connections with hundreds of suppliers worldwide, enables us to give you access to more than ten thousand compounds, in addition to those available from our range. Working with DC Fine Chemicals also eliminates the need to add new vendors for every new project; let us manage this for you.

Manufacturing and Handling

From our dedicated production and logistics facility in Barcelona, products are expertly packed and stored under appropriate conditions to ensure that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Products will be packed, labelled and shipped strictly in accordance with the appropriate regulations ensuring safe transport and arrival of goods managed by our in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.
We are experts at handling hazardous chemicals and delivering those products packed in a variety of containers. Products are packed in-house, by staff trained to handle safely a wide range of chemical hazards. If you wish to access these capabilities for your business, please contact us so that we can discuss the service that best fits your needs. We can provide special packing as required including OEM packing.

Regulatory compliance

DC Fine Chemicals operates its own facilities to the highest health and safety standards. By understanding the latest chemical regulations and chemical safety data, our in-house team of experts ensures that the Company meets all of the latest regulations and rules, to provide a safe and compliant environment.

Quality Management Systems

DC Fine Chemicals has a strategy plan, which puts emphasis on enhancing the Quality Management System (QMS). This plan is continuously evaluated and adjusted to achieve the company objectives. In addition, we regularly conduct Management Reviews of our QMS at prescribed intervals. We are committed to become a reputable supplier for the life science and high technology sectors, by establishing and maintaining an outstanding QMS. Currently, we are working to upgrade our Quality Systems for our Cornella site, with a view to meeting the requirements of cGMP.

Supply of speciality chemicals

Change Management System

A key feature of our quality approach is the Change Management System: a process that ensures that changes to materials, methods, equipment and software, are properly documented, approved and traceable.
The Change Management System is only applicable to specific product groups. A change control system evaluates all changes that could affect production and quality of the final product. Written procedures provide for the identification, documentation, appropriate review and approval of changes in raw materials, facilities, support systems, equipment, processing steps, labeling and packaging materials, and computer software.
On request, and by agreement, we can provide control and notification of critical changes of raw materials that you are using.
We recognize that product traceability is an important requirement for our customers. Where necessary, we actively engage our suppliers to provide source and processing information for raw materials used in manufacturing and for materials repacked for resale.
Depending on your regulatory needs, we can also share sourcing information on batch origination, supply chain and if available processing information about a product, so that you can perform a risk assessment based upon the intended use in your specific application. This information is considered confidential and can be shared under CDA.